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Getting Wet and Dirty


Are you a rain-dodger? Prefer to hunker up on the sofa when it’s wet and windy? Well put that hot chocolate down, blow out those scented candles and grab your wellies. Bad weather is good for you!

After a lot of anecdotal evidence of wet weather walkers “feeling better” after a soggy stroll, Austrian scientists ran experiments to check it out. They found those who walk in heavily ionised air (created as water and air molecules collide) had higher level of antibodies supporting strengthened immunity and better lung capacity.

But it’s not just rain, stomping about in the mud is also great for your health. Studies in Finland noted that children using playgrounds made from transplanted forest flooring had greater immunity and fewer coughs and colds than those playing in concrete and plastic playgrounds. 

City dweller? No muddy pathways? No problem! Rain is great for cleaning the air of dirt and germs, and wind can blow away pollution. 

So, whatever the weather, pound those pavements or indulge your inner child with some puddle jumping.  It may just stave off that winter cold!