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Patch it up


We all want to save the world, right?  We’re eating less meat, we recycle, some of us have embraced those shops where you fill your own jar with small-batch artisanal granola (extra points if you don’t spill it all over the floor in the process). Hell, if you’re a pro you’re probably even making your own kimchee.  I’m not entirely sure what this is, but I hear it’ll give you perfect… errr…. movements.

Anyway, moving on (sorry) have you thought about what you wear on your outdoor adventures and how sustainable your kit is? If you’re like me, you’ll have an outdoor jacket for every eventuality.  But did you know there are lots of ways to keep your kit from ending its life prematurely as landfill? 300,000 tons of clothing goes into landfill every year in the UK alone, so my new year’s resolution is to try and limit my wastage.


Most outdoor clothing brands are raising their game in this area, so before you discard that much loved and well-worn garment, check in with the manufacturer and see if they can spruce it up for you.  It’ll save you pennies, help the environment and you’ll feel like you’re making a difference, however small.


Whilst we all like something shiny and new, many outdoor clothing manufacturers offer great repair services.  I have 7 down jackets (yes, I know….), with 4 coming from the same manufacturer. The reason? Apart from the great quality, and that fact they use responsible down, I love that they’ll repair any damage, replace broken zips, and even wash your coat for a fraction of the cost of a new one. I’ll be using their services (again) this week to sort out one of my jackets that recently lost an argument with some brambles.